Wireless Bluetooth Headband with HD Stereo Speakers

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Experience Unmatched Comfort and Sound Quality

Introducing the ultimate solution to your audio needs – the Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headband. Whether you’re looking to enhance your sleep, intensify your workouts, or enjoy music on the go, this innovative headband is your perfect companion. Its unique 3-in-1 design combines sleep headphones, wireless earphones, and a sports headband into one seamless package. Enjoy the freedom of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, offering a 33-foot range and compatibility with most wireless devices.

Designed for Comfort and Convenience

Specifically engineered for side sleepers, the control module is strategically placed in the center to avoid ear pressure, ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep. The ultra-thin speakers are not only comfortable but also effective in blocking out ambient noise without the discomfort of earplugs. Made from soft, breathable, and sweat-absorbent material, this headband is perfect for intense workouts and jogs. Plus, it’s easily washable – just remove the headphones for a quick clean.

Long-Lasting Performance for Active Lifestyles

Powered by a high-performance 240mAh battery, enjoy up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge. This ensures uninterrupted listening throughout your night or during long workouts. Additionally, the sleep headphones are engineered to avoid disruptive low battery beeps, ensuring your sleep or activity is never disturbed.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • 3-in-1 Design: Combines sleep headphones, wireless earphones, and a sports headband.
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0: Offers a 33-foot range and wide device compatibility.
  • Side Sleeper Friendly: Comfortable design with strategically placed control module.
  • Ultra-Thin Speakers: Blocks ambient noise comfortably.
  • Breathable Material: Sweat-absorbent and fast-drying for sports use.
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 10 hours of playtime on a single charge.
  • Washable: Easily remove the headphones for cleaning.
  • High Fidelity Stereo Sound: Enjoy crystal-clear audio during any activity.
  • Noise Reduction: Ideal for noisy environments like airplanes or busy offices.

Why Choose Our Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headband?

Whether you’re looking to improve your sleep quality, enhance your workout, or just enjoy music on the go, our Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headband offers unparalleled comfort, convenience, and sound quality. Its unique 3-in-1 design, long-lasting battery life, and noise reduction capabilities make it a must-have for anyone who values both functionality and style in their audio accessories. Don’t miss out on this essential addition to your daily routine.

Order Now and Transform Your Audio Experience!

Ready to take your listening experience to the next level? Order your Wireless Bluetooth Sleep Headband today and enjoy the perfect blend of comfort, quality, and convenience!  

  • Basic Features: 3-in-1 design, Bluetooth 5.0, long battery life, washable.
  • Best Used For: Sleeping, workouts, travel, meditation, and more.
  • Specialty: Comfortable for side sleepers, blocks ambient noise, and offers high-quality sound.
Verified Buyer
Jazmin Littel
7 Jul 2024 22:51

I've purchased two of these, one for myself and one for my daughter, and I couldn't be happier with them! They're incredibly comfortable to wear, which is a big deal for me as I usually struggle with earpieces. Moreover, they keep my ears warm during chilly nights and boast remarkable quality. The sound quality is surprisingly impressive, and I found it easy to remove the electronic components for washing. Even after washing, it held up well, and reassembling the electronic parts was a breeze. The battery life is unexpectedly long-lasting, making it a fantastic deal at this price point!

Verified Buyer
Sierra Wiza
4 Jul 2024 22:45

Falling asleep has always been a challenge for me, especially with my irregular work shifts and persistent tinnitus. This product has been a game-changer. It allows me to listen to calming sounds at bedtime without disturbing my wife. Additionally, it helps block out light and prevents premature waking in the morning, contributing to a more restful sleep.

Verified Buyer
Dalton Marks
4 Jul 2024 01:08

I purchased this earbud headband specifically for my nightly meditation routine and sleep. Unlike regular earbuds that often fall out and feel uncomfortable, these are soft and fit snugly. I've had no issues sleeping with them on, and while the sound quality meets my needs, they also help block out external noise. The controls are easy to operate, and accessing the power button is simple. However, if left on all night, they require recharging the next day. Overall, I'm quite satisfied with this product.

Verified Buyer
Janice Shields
2 Jul 2024 01:00

Before getting this sleep mask, I used earbuds and an eye mask separately, which was less than ideal. These headphones have exceeded my expectations. They're comfortable to wear for extended periods, and the sound quality is impressive. My wife can't hear what I'm listening to, which is a big plus. I particularly enjoy using them to listen to audiobooks as I drift off to sleep. Surprisingly, they also allow me to answer phone calls without touching my phone. I highly recommend them!

Verified Buyer
Madeline Friesen
30 Jun 2024 06:53

These headphones have transformed my nighttime routine. Previously, I'd leave the TV on at night, which bothered my husband. Now, I can watch my shows with the Bluetooth headphones connected, providing background noise throughout the night. While they occasionally shift during sleep, likely due to my movements, they're generally comfortable, offer clear sound, and are easy to adjust and connect.

Verified Buyer
Melyssa Mills
29 Jun 2024 20:14

As described, very comfortable, good autonomy, more than 8 hours of continuous use, bluetooth connects instantly, the sound quality is enough to watch the tv in bed (but if you want to listen to music or a movie with dolbyatmos and have your brain stirred with the bass, Spend 150 or more on decent headphones, this article is for what it is, and for the price it complies with the a)..com or comment on the autonomy of the battery fulfills between 8y10h, the load is quite slow compared to other headphones that I have, but on the other hand its autonomy is greater. Recommended 100%

Verified Buyer
Sandrine Brakus
29 Jun 2024 03:05

My spouse and I have different sleep schedules, and these headphones have been a lifesaver. I can watch TV on my tablet without disturbing my husband's sleep. They're comfortable to wear, allowing me to hear my surroundings in case of emergencies while still enjoying my shows. These headphones have truly saved my sleep!

Verified Buyer
Emilia Zulauf
28 Jun 2024 02:53

I've been searching for headphones for my walks, and these have been perfect. They eliminate the hassle of cables and earbuds falling out. Even with the occasional Bluetooth connectivity issue, they sound great, are comfortable to wear, and provide enough warmth. They fulfill all my expectations!

Verified Buyer
Reggie Beier
27 Jun 2024 04:57

These headphones are better suited for side sleepers, although they can cause some discomfort if you're in a deep sleep and don't move much. However, it's not as painful as earbuds, and while they may mess up your hair, they're still excellent for sleeping. My husband may have to endure my loud iPad movies at night, but these headphones have made my sleep much more comfortable.

Verified Buyer
Megane King
27 Jun 2024 00:48

Happy overcomes arrived long before the marked date I love this article I recommend it a lot for convenience and practicality

Verified Buyer
Isabel Hammes
24 Jun 2024 11:19

Nice headband these voices could have been a little better, but for this price there is a lot of plastic on my forehead, but I recommend

Verified Buyer
Tillman Erdman
23 Jun 2024 07:55

According to the description, received in 5 days, possibility to remove the headphones and the case via the small cut to clean the headband, the clear sound not loud but I bought it basically to fall asleep with sounds or music so will do

Verified Buyer
Henderson Zulauf
22 Jun 2024 20:24

Wonderful to sleep, the battery lasts long, the sound is not too loud but not bad, recommend.

Verified Buyer
Brady McDermott
7 Jun 2024 09:19

Exelente product recommended 1000% a perfect product for my needs.

Verified Buyer
Sonia Bins
6 Jun 2024 16:11

They hear very well, behind it has for the load

Verified Buyer
Lorena Frami
28 May 2024 09:50

Great product. Works perfectly. Arrived quickly in Brazil "consignment". Excellent seller.

Verified Buyer
Jane Lueilwitz
27 May 2024 07:30

🔝 The only thing that was out of the expected was the entrance of the USB charging port being covered by the fabric where it is housed in the band, it was necessary to palpate the entrance is to make a small cut with an X-act.

Verified Buyer
Daija Bayer
22 May 2024 22:58

Just received not yet tested slightly too big for my head size but verders it looks good. Testing soon

Verified Buyer
Dorthy Stark
21 May 2024 07:45

I loved it and everyone I gave it as a gift enjoyed it.

Verified Buyer
Destiny Leannon
24 Apr 2024 09:27

I have already used and great on trips that you do not want to be ordered with lights and at the same time you are listening to a sound.

Verified Buyer
Cleora Kovacek
23 Apr 2024 20:55

Very good and very soft in addition to very comfortable everything well

Verified Buyer
Berry Williamson
16 Apr 2024 10:32

They sound great, sync fast and feel good quality. Arrived earlier than expected. :)

Verified Buyer
Virgil VonRueden
15 Apr 2024 11:30

The band is super, it connects to the phone. Unfortunately, I damaged a little when opening, but I recommend

Verified Buyer
Estel Turner
14 Apr 2024 06:48

It was a super fast shipment. Sounds very good I 've tried it. The bass are deep, very good purchase I recommend the seller and product.

Verified Buyer
Keyon Kuphal
12 Apr 2024 19:06

These headphones are magical. If you want to sleep and listen to it is perfect. I recommend. Mega fast delivery. 7 days about.

Verified Buyer
Margaret Will
9 Apr 2024 04:35

The product is very good, I am already using it as soon as I arrive, the fabric is of good quality and the electronics inside sure is also, the sound is very good, the Bluetooth connection is very fast and easy to use. Many thanks to the store

Verified Buyer
Angelita Cummerata
8 Apr 2024 14:02

Very good product. Sound OK and even phone calls can be received. I recommend

Verified Buyer
Sierra Stroman
6 Apr 2024 07:36

Very good quality of the product, the audio playback is great, the battery seems hard enough. The USB cable for charging could be longer. I recommend it

Verified Buyer
Leopoldo Wilderman
2 Apr 2024 19:41

It is charging as I turn it on, I will unsubscribe. So far everything is fine

Verified Buyer
Axel Murphy
2 Apr 2024 01:00

It is very comfortable, it is heard perfectly and my ears no longer hurt when sleeping

Verified Buyer
Mitchel Cormier
28 Mar 2024 10:36

Very nice but it seems delicate the cables that are inside

Verified Buyer
Jennie Langosh
27 Mar 2024 15:07

Comfortable sleeping bed and travel, they are heard very well for horror and music stories, do not expect something with super bass and great quality for the price but if it has sound quality

Verified Buyer
Alice Wiegand
25 Mar 2024 11:51

I loved it, Although I would have preferred the charger to be Type C. About 15 to 20 days Was the delivery of the same

Verified Buyer
Kirsten Lockman
25 Mar 2024 02:16

I already tried it and it works, I love the only thing that if it is a bit inconvenient is that if you are big-headed you will feel it a bit uncomfortable

Verified Buyer
Jordyn Green
21 Mar 2024 09:33

The sound quality is average. But with this price, I can’t complain about it. The fitting is soft and doesn’t hurt the ears. The charging point is hidden and not easy to connect it with the wire.

Verified Buyer
Adell Schoen
19 Mar 2024 03:32

Well, what you pay for is heard well🫰😘At half the volume is heard perfect

Verified Buyer
Anita Stokes
18 Mar 2024 21:39

Very soft, I like the product, I recommend it. Well packed arrived in time

Verified Buyer
Jace Crooks
17 Mar 2024 14:52

The product works very well, you should not put it too hard otherwise everyone hears but to sleep it is totally good. The battery holds several days and it is very comfortable.

Verified Buyer
Dudley Hintz
11 Mar 2024 17:44

Excellent Product, I loved it. It really is very comfortable to use, a little warm the fabric. The sound is heard very well, the battery lasts you did use the band like 17 hours. The instructive comes in English. It's great, I'm very satisfied with the product. I highly recommend the product and the seller.

Verified Buyer
Conrad Mante
11 Mar 2024 06:40

Exactly what has been described. The headset is a bit uncomfortable since it is not flat, but it is very useful and does not hurt as much as headphones. I bought it for my son and he wears glasses, he told me it was uncomfortable, consider it.

Verified Buyer
Jaylon Bergnaum
9 Mar 2024 05:21

I haven't tested I just received my order Fast Thank you

Verified Buyer
Jaida Rodriguez
8 Mar 2024 17:15

We testify that the speakers are worthy of the one who buys, which is a safe and honest Shi beautiful and fantasy

Verified Buyer
Jamar Eichmann
8 Mar 2024 09:56

Very beautiful and I recommend it and connect to the right time thank you for breaking thank you

Verified Buyer
Keara Rice
7 Mar 2024 06:32

As the description, well packed, I ordered 2, it is heard very well, very comfortable, I recommend it, arrived before the expected date

Verified Buyer
Sterling Jones
7 Mar 2024 05:18

Good product, great listening, only for listening to music, can not be used with calls, good quality

Verified Buyer
Katlynn Deckow
6 Mar 2024 15:31

I haven't tried it yet, it took me a lot to find in plug, it's in a small hole behind the controls.

Verified Buyer
Frank Gaylord
5 Mar 2024 11:40

Arrived well it sounds well but it lacks a little padding because the device feels

Verified Buyer
Jason Blanda
4 Mar 2024 19:36

good resistant material and the fabric is of good quality 100% recommended

Verified Buyer
Gerda Hudson
3 Mar 2024 18:56

I liked it useful to go to the gym to listen to your favorite music.

Verified Buyer
Vergie Jacobs
28 Feb 2024 04:19

Came super fast, a week earlier. I'm very happy with this order. Connected to my phone right away, and I have no complaints. There is no lack in the volume. It's great on my s23 ultra 👌🏼.

Verified Buyer
Micaela Renner
27 Feb 2024 07:02

Very comfortable and they sound pretty good. The delivery was very fast.

Verified Buyer
Gail Stoltenberg
20 Feb 2024 12:52

Very good product. Battery lasts a lot. I used it for 2 nights until unloading.

Verified Buyer
Cleve Reichel
16 Feb 2024 00:26

The product exactly as described in the ad. The finish is a little rough. But for the amount paid is super worth it. Works right.

Verified Buyer
Halle Rath
13 Feb 2024 23:24

Very good and soft

Verified Buyer
Clemens Cummerata
9 Feb 2024 10:51

I have ordered them several times for gift I have loved this product!! And I recommend the store for your responsibility and fast delivery!!

Verified Buyer
Allene Stanton
5 Feb 2024 14:39

Same as pictures and sound quality is also good. but only thing missing is washing precautions.

Verified Buyer
Hattie Bins
5 Feb 2024 02:31

It took a moment to figure out how it works. After disconnecting from charging connected automatically to phone. Good sound and works for hand free conversation as well. Electronic easy to take out if you want to wash it

Verified Buyer
Jeramy Doyle
3 Feb 2024 09:22

Good for the price, ideal for sports, a little uncomfortable to sleep, usb charges, battery lasts enough

Verified Buyer
Liliane Block
1 Feb 2024 10:20

Excellent headband was the second I asked for. To give away. Very good sound and the battery lasts a lot

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